They Weren’t Born Like This: Rethinking the Way We Critique the Powers

While I may not usually critique Trump, Johnson and their like very acerbically, that’s not because I particularly approve of their policies. It’s because I get the feeling there are more constructive ways to go about pushing for change.

In Praise of the /r/pics Keyboard Warriors

Ah, Reddit. To some, it’s the most colourful part of cyberspace, where all opinions are equally welcomed and discussion thrives; to others, an online cesspit where anyone who doesn’t share the hive mentality is shunned and ‘downvoted’ beyond oblivion. It’s either internet heaven or internet hell, depending on whom you talk to. Ever since I […]

I’ve Been Doing Blogging Wrong

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while: first of all, thank you! Second, I’m sure you’ll be wondering where I’ve been these last two months and perhaps eager to hear an explanation for my absence. If I’m honest, it wasn’t my original plan to take a break from blogging here. […]