Stephen Fry – my thoughts

Since his appearance on RTV programme The Meaning of Life, Stephen Fry has become something of a hot topic among Church discussion. You might have heard the interview, in which he labels God as “utterly evil, capricious [yeah, I had to look that one up too] and monstrous”. Needless to say, it’s been quite polarising. I’m sure a lot of people have gained or lost a good bit of respect for the man; either he’s said what they’ve been thinking for a long time, or he’s made a complete ass of himself in front of hundreds.

Now, you might be wondering: where do I, the writer of this blog, stand on this whole issue? Well, as far as what Fry actually said about God, I don’t share his views. He may well be referencing the being described in the Bible, but somewhere along the line, he and I have developed different ideas about that being.

But as much as I might disagree with him, I don’t begrudge him for saying those things.

The one thing this all comes down to is freedom of speech. Something that in this country, we’re quite privileged to have. Without it, we wouldn’t have the space to believe what we want, and would have to go along with what somebody else tells us – even if, deep down, we knew we didn’t agree with it. As audacious as you may think Fry’s speech was, it’s highly unlikely that somebody just told him to say that sort of stuff; especially since we don’t tend to hear of people saying things like this so publicly. If we say there should be a law against people having that sort of opinion, where does the line get drawn? Wouldn’t that then entitle those people to outlaw our opinions too?

So, in conclusion: no.

No, I’m not mad at Stephen Fry.
No, I don’t disrespect him.
No, I’m not going to destroy my LittleBigPlanet discs just because the narrator said some mean things about my God.

And no, I’m not going to change my beliefs about said God.

Because if Fry is entitled to his own set of beliefs, why shouldn’t I be entitled to mine?

Disagree with him all you want, but you gotta respect him for having his own outlook on the issue and not just jumping onto somebody else’s.

(Originally written May 6th 2015)


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