Re: Welcome to this World

Link to the original video:

I thought this video was extremely well-presented, but I had to take issue with some of its assertions and thus decided to write my own version. This is just what I’d say to my child, if I had one.


Hello, my child. Welcome to this world. Before we go any further, there are a few things I need to tell you.

You were born beautiful. You were born with value. God knew every detail of you before He made you. And He loves you so much that He gave up the thing closest to Him, so that we could know His presence. In the past we were God’s enemies, but now there is a way for us to be His children. And that includes you, me and everyone else on this planet.

And it’s my prayer that you will grow up surrounded by love, and be inspired to share it with those around you. I know we don’t always get it right, nobody does. But that’s why we have a Helper who sees when we fall, picks us up and says “Come on, you; let’s try that again.” One of the reasons I’m so thankful to God is because He accepts us just as we are; He doesn’t expect us to have it all sorted out all the time.

Our whole lifetime is a gift from God, and it’s offered back to Him. Knowing this, I’m inspired to produce the best offering possible, and I pray that your life is touched in the same way. Even though there are times when God might seem far away, His presence is all around us. We can see it in every autumn sunset, every serene blue lake, every time a stranger says “good day” at the bus stop. Looking into your eyes, I can tell how much of a blessing you are, and how much I must mean to God that He would give you to me.

Our value to God isn’t based on anything we’ve done, or anything we haven’t done. It’s based on who we are. When God made the world, He said it was good. No matter what we end up doing or where we end up going in this lifetime, God consistently watches over us. I hope and pray that His plans will bring you to a future that brings you joy and affirms life, like they have me. There will always be people in your life who can tell you the best ways to go.

I know this world might seem strange and unfair at times, and it might be that we never get to fully understand it. If people agree with what I believe: great. If they don’t: that’s fine, they’re entitled to their own opinions. If you eventually decide that this isn’t for you: that’s fine, you’re entitled to your own opinions. But know this: I would give up so much just to see you safe, and I believe there is a God who feels the exact same way about you. Love is stronger than fear, and always has been.


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