On an angry note… (Response to NonStampCollector)

Today’s post is going to be a response to the antitheist known online as NonStampCollector. If you’re not familiar with his YouTube channel, I’ll give you a run-down. Basically, he’s an Australian dude who makes cartoon videos (less so nowadays) arguing against Christianity, with points ranging from “it’s bonkers” to “it poses a threat to society”. The guy has managed to rack up more than 100,000 subscribers over his almost 8 years on YouTube, so he must be doing something right…

(Image credit: YouTube)

The thing I want to respond to today isn’t actually on his YouTube channel, but on his blog (warning: it does contain a fair amount of NSFW language). It’s a reply he made to a comment on one of his videos, about how God’s anger is apparently a turn-off towards worshipping Him. Here it is:

“I can’t ever imagine worshipping a god that’s so human as to become angry. I admire humans who DON’T become angry. There are humans who don’t. Some people get enlightened, somewhat, for want of a better word. They see the peace in every situation, and take responsibility for their response to everything. They don’t lash out violently. They have a patience that lasts so much longer than average people’s. They understand each person’s responsibility in becoming angry, and have learned how to overcome those aspects of themselves and can remain calm and be a calming effect on those around them in even the worst situations.
“There are such people out there in the world. Yet you’re content to excuse a so-called “god” that shares characteristics with the most dangerous, petty, and unenlightened humans, and think of this god as being the supreme being of the universe? One that can’t handle his emotions, and lashes out violently, causing suffering and death as retribution for emotional hurts? Compared to some humans, that’s simply kindergarten playground-level shit.
“I am aware of my faults and how far I have to go to start looking like some of those enlightened people that I’ve written of here, but I know this for sure: I, sir, am a better moral being than the disgusting, childish, unenlightened bloodthirsty character that you apparently seem comfortable worshipping.”

Now, ignoring the fact that I strongly disagree with his views towards the Christian God, what I find funny about this post is that Stampy here seems to be getting angry about God getting angry, while talking about what a bad thing it is to be angry… He seems to espouse the people in his life who apparently don’t ever get angry (something I didn’t even know was humanly possible), at the same time being angry about the behaviour of the Biblical Deity. Does anyone else think this is a little bit questionable too?

Another thing we need to consider – and this sort of ties in with the last point – is that there might have actually been a purpose to God’s anger. Judging by the rest of NSC’s videos and social media, one big reason he’s opposed to Christianity is because of the negative effects he claims it has on those all around. For the record, I think that’s a decent reason to be angry at anything. I don’t side with the people who think it’s OK to go shooting up Planned Parenthood, or discriminating against gay people, or anything else of the sort. But back to the point, it’s for this same kind of reason that “Yahweh” got angry at times. The main focus of His wrath was people who had no regard for human life, who thought that stuff like child sacrifice was an acceptable practice, and who went out of their ways to harm what God held dearest – His people.

If it has a purpose, anger can actually be quite a healthy thing – though I’ll agree with his view that getting angry over more trivial things is not. There’s a purpose to NSC’s anger, but there was/is also a purpose to God’s.


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