Why a ‘Christian resistance’ might be the worst answer to extremism

I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody else has already said something about this topic, but I feel it needs to be addressed. It kinda follows on from the ‘Label or Lifeline’ post I made last month, but this just hits ten times harder in my opinion.

Don’t ask me how, but I came across this video on Facebook a while back. It sees members of the self-styled “patriotic political party” Britain First parading through Bury Park, Luton, apparently being hounded by quote-unquote ‘Muslims’ hurling obscenities at some of them, and claiming to have taken over the UK.

Now, it’s not that I don’t think people should be taking stands against this kind of behaviour; far from it, I can’t stand to hear this kind of stuff being pulled. No, what worried me was the fact that these people claimed to be acting as a ‘Christian’ group. It seemed like they couldn’t stop talking about how the UK is a ‘Christian nation’ (even though the majority of people do not identify with any religion), and talking about how this mob needed to recognise Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, while waving their wooden crosses at them. I have to wonder: if Jesus was walking incognito in the area, what would He do? Would He really join in, or would He bury His head in His pierced hands and sigh?

Jesus didn’t deny that His teachings would prove divisive (Matthew 10:34). But He also didn’t call for us to try to dominate; rather, He told us to surrender to authority (Matthew 22:21) and view the fact we live in a prosperous country with freedom of speech as a gift. The fusion of religious belief with nationalism never proves conducive to peace. Much of the Islamic world (if it can be called that) already has the idea that Christianity and the West are inextricably linked, and are at war with them. This was thought to be the motivation behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, amongst other incidents. A rebel force bearing the ‘Christian’ label, then, would surely only add fuel to the fire.

If there needs to be a resistance to Islamic fundamentalism (or any kind at that), let there be one. But for the love of God (both literally and figuratively), don’t perpetuate the idea of Christianity and Islam being at war by letting it bear the image of the cross.


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