Some thoughts on church

Lately I’ve been reading Floyd McClung’s You See Bones, I See an Army (inb4 shameless plug) and it’s really been reshaping how I view church and the way we do it. Floyd’s calls for ‘simple church’ stripped down of all the things we’ve added on over the years, not unlike the Church as described in the opening chapters of Acts, really resonates with me. I’m sure we’re all aware of how much of a struggle it can be to get our message to take root in people once we’ve started spreading it, and maybe part of the reason for that is because we’ve overcomplicated some things. We’ve said you need ‘Jesus plus something else’, when (as the writers of the New Testament constantly reiterate) Christ is “all that is important”.

In every church, there are the families who are involved in preaching, youth ministry, leading worship and other prominent roles, and then there are the families who are not. Now, I’m not here to condemn anyone who enjoys being part of those things, because they sure as anything do serve a purpose. Nor am I trying to persuade anyone who doesn’t already partake in any of those things, to do so; that would send the wrong message, because it’s not supposed to be forced by any means. What I am concerned about, however, is the idea that being part of those things is somehow required, or that not being part of them means you’re missing out or doing the Church a disservice. If there is some kind of hierarchy in that sense, it’s surely obvious that we should get rid of it. God has a place for each of us, whether it be in church, at work, within our families or wherever. I don’t want to see anyone feeling less important because they’re ‘just’ an ‘ordinary’ churchgoer, and I’m adamant that God doesn’t, either.


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