Game Changers.

I was going to give you an account of what happened at Spring Harvest this week (long story short: big breakfasts and high ropes are fun), but instead I’d like to share something that crossed my mind while I was there. The theme for the week was being ‘game changers’; each day we were shown examples of individuals who have made a difference in how the Gospel is communicated where they are. One of the seminars I attended was about sharing faith, which challenged me in a big way – why don’t I do more to share Jesus with those around me? I’m wondering if it has something to do with me just being a regular guy on the street – but that shouldn’t really be an excuse.

With big events like SH, it’s easy to get the idea that the speakers, group leaders and exhibitors we listen to are some sort of standard for Jesus followers, and that anyone not playing those sorts of roles is somehow doing it wrong. Yet these people are just the tip of the vast iceberg that is God’s People, the Church. Ever since the Church began, It has had a place for members of the lay world. We make a big noise about Jesus being the Son of God, but do we remember that while on earth, He spent most of His days working as a carpenter? Of the congregation at my church, very few of them hold down full-time ministry jobs – and I don’t much like the idea that this makes them any less of Christ’s followers.

Worship isn’t something you only do in a crowded hall with euphoric music playing. The message behind the SH experience is meant to be lived out day by day, wherever we go home to. We are called to storm the gates of hell, to rage against the dying of the light, and to share the Good News with those who have never heard it before – be they thousands of miles away or right here in our towns and cities.


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