Loving ourselves

I don’t necessarily agree with Justin Bieber on every little thing, but he makes a good point: maybe we should go and love ourselves. I sometimes see other Christians taking the command to “deny ourselves” a touch too literally, assuming it to mean we ought to deprive ourselves of what we need (and to a lesser extent, want). Some of this might relate to what I said in my last post about non-material living, in that these people will measure their ‘righteousness’ or whatever by how little they own, but I’m sure there have been cases of some folks going lighter on meals or even starving themselves entirely (I’m not talking about fasting here). Yet what did Jesus say the second greatest commandment was? “Love your neighbour as yourself.” However much we love others, we should love ourselves by the same amount. All people are part of God’s creation, which He Himself deemed “very good”, and reflect His character (despite being less than perfect), so they ought to be treated as such – and that includes ourselves. Of course, we shouldn’t take it to the other extreme and overindulge ourselves either, but there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves like children of a King – because according to Scripture, we are.


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