What is love? (Reader, don’t hurt me…)

I’ve seen many definitions of the word ‘love’ being put forward, and honestly, some of them have made me cringe. Not because they’re too overly romantic, but because they miss the truth by a shot long enough to set my teeth on edge. Love isn’t a transient feeling that one gets from something and then loses once that thing grows boring. Maybe it is a feeling, but it’s a feeling that stays in the background and influences the way one thinks and acts towards somebody else. If I ‘love’ someone, it means I would fight for them. It means I acknowledge their flaws yet still think they’re worth the struggle. And it means that I want the best for them, which can often involve telling them where they’ve gone wrong, showing them the right thing and trusting that they can do better. It’s not always easy or pretty, but in the long term, it pays off – and it’s much more special than anything Hollywood could try to sell us.


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