REVIEW: Dave Hopwood “Raging Grace”

I’ll admit: this book took me by surprise. When a book’s title includes the word ‘grace’, and its cover art features a lion of all things, I tend not to expect much more than any other Christian book currently out there. But as I read through some of its content, I couldn’t help but feel that […]

In Defence of Christian Parenting

Some of my readers may be familiar with the work of Daniel Sulzbach, known online as MrRepzion. For those who aren’t, Daniel has been active on YouTube for most of the last ten years, and was a Christian until 2012 when he became an atheist by way of deism. He has made a number of […]

Mission? Possibly…

Well, I’m back from Spring Harvest. Before you ask, it was fantastic. Even though the week seemed to be packed wall-to-wall with things to do (not great for an introvert like me), and even though some of the teaching slots didn’t engage me as much as others, it still met all of my expectations and […]