Don’t Idealise Mental Illness (TW)

Mental illness is something that at the end of the day brings us to harm, so seeing it almost being idealised in society makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s important that people realise it is not something to be desired.


Manchester and terror – some thoughts

It’s been three whole days since a lone attacker detonated a bomb after a concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring at least 50, but the impact hasn’t subsided yet. I’m seeing a number of news items about the incident being shared on Facebook, and it seems like new information is always coming in, so people […]

The God Who (Sometimes) Takes Away

Matt Redman’s ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ appears to have become a bit of a minefield, mainly due to the line “You give and take away” in the bridge. I’m going to play devil’s advocate a little bit and argue that there might actually be a degree of truth to Redman’s words.

REVIEW: Dave Hopwood “Raging Grace”

I’ll admit: this book took me by surprise. When a book’s title includes the word ‘grace’, and its cover art features a lion of all things, I tend not to expect much more than any other Christian book currently out there. But as I read through some of its content, I couldn’t help but feel that […]